Chapter 1: Role of Stakeholders.

          Board of Director’s policy intends to promote cooperation between company and their stakeholders to strengthen the performance of the company.  Foster care stakeholder in their rights that are legally relevant. The stakeholders included shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, community surrounding the company, society and government.

  1. Company announced a set of business ethics, code of Conduct and approach to the management and staffs are committed to abide strictly.

  2. Company allocate adequate budget to support an environmental care and social responsibility policy.

  3. The company has a policy of maintaining an establishment for a better environment and ensures safety in the workplace.

Chapter 2:Disclosure and transparency.

          Board of Directors provide an internal control system which covers all aspects included Financial, Operations and compliance with legal requirements and regulations to ensure the internal control system is adequate and appropriate for the business. The Audit Committee has oversight of the internal audit department to work independently, integrity with good ethics. The Charter of the Audit Department assigned mission, scope of work, authority and responsibilities as well as a clearly audit operation.

Chapter 3:Board of Directors.

           The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who are competent and be accepted. An important role is determine a corporate policy by cooperate with the Executive to develop short-term and long-term strategy plan. Also determine financial and overall operation’s policy of the organization. Board of Directors also have a role in the governance review and evaluate a company’s performance independently.

  1. According to a General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company which specific an authority and responsibilities of the Board of Directors to manage a company in accordance with the laws, company’s regulations and objectives.

  2. Board of Directors imposed an authority and responsibilities of the Audit Committee, Board of Directors President and Managing Director to officiate as assigned and report to the Board of Directors.