In order to increase the growth and stability of the company which accrue benefit to shareholders stakeholders and society by an efficiently and transparently operation and to express the company’s responsibility. Board of Directors has set the following policy on corporate governance.

1. Provide Implementation of Management Structure which clearly defined authority, duties and responsibilities of each committee and the executive officer.

2. Provide a confidence about financial statements will reflect an actual operation results with a target’s comparison by specific the prevention and management measures to ensure an unexpected risk will be in an appropriate level.

3. Provide confidence about the Company’s procedure will operate with efficiency, effectiveness and restricted by principle of “checks and balances”, “transparency” and “accountability”.

4. Thoroughly manage a conflicts of interest with integrity, rationally and independently within the framework of good ethics. As well as integral disclosure to maintain a company’s interests.

5. Pursuing of business excellence by adhering to the highest levels of customer satisfaction by listening and reviewing our own to continue improvement of business performance.

6. Instill a good moral and conscious for improving employees ’s potential to progress with the company.

7. Aware and respects of shareholder’s possessive as well as an individual stakeholder with equality treatment.

8. Proceed with responsibilities to shareholders, Stakeholders and a society.

9. Operated by realize on a responsibility to a code of conduct and professional ethics.